December 08, 2004:
-friend: what do you want for christmas?
 LDs reply: something crotch less
-Team Fcuk It has started its rein
-today is the last day of finals for me, woo hoo!
-corvettes are expensive
-two flowers:
"i love you, darling!"
"i love you, too!"
"i want you so much!"
"where the fuck are those damn bees?"
-its been a rough day, i went to put on a shirt and a button fell off, went to pick up my briefcase and the handle fell off, im too afraid to go to the bathroom!

November 29, 2004:
-for some reason there has been a slight uprising amongst the few viewers of this site and i have been told i need to start updating this again. so here is my half ass attempt at being funny. my apologies ahead of time
-when you have fat friends there are not seesaws, only catapults.
-whats the difference between roast beef and pea soup? anyone can roast beef
-assassins do it from behind
-corduroy pillows. they're making headlines
-for sale: parachute. only used once, never opened, small stain.
-boycott shampoo, demand real poo
-[this ones for you whitney] knock knock. whos there? interrupting cow. interrupting c-MOOOO.
-the world is bitches (xx) and bastards (xy), and i try to associate myself well with both groups
-i wont rise to the occasion, but i'll slide on over to it
-there are three kinds of people in the world, those who can count and those who cant

November 03, 2004:
-to the ones i left behind

October 10, 2004:
-im not sure why it happened, but it happened. im so so very sorry. my deepest regrets whitney, i hope you heal up soon.
-its been a horrible week.
-"this one goes out to the ones that loved me once, the ones i left behind"

October 06, 2004:
a man is born gentle and weak
and at his death he is hard and stiff
green plants are tender and filled with sap
at their death they are withered and dry

therefore the stiff and unbending are the disciples of death
the gentle and yielding are the disciples of life

thus an army without flexibility never wins a battle
a tree that is unbending is easily broken

the hard and strong will fall
the soft and weak will overcome

October 04, 2004:
-newest addiction: The Guy Game
-"viva la ebay!"
-posted some new artwork today.
-"i came here in darkness, and found you on the way"
-pinstripped suites, my friend
-to scared to grow, to scared to live?
-RIP - little red S10

September 26, 2004:
-my new room

September 15, 2004:
-by request, heres a bunch of stuff from one of my other websites that got closed down.
Rules To Live By
Short, Stupid, Sayings, Quotes, Questions, And Ponderings
Car Accident Summaries
Church Bulletins
Airplane Terminology
Bad Analogies
30 Fun Things To Do While Driving
Santa Claus: An Engineer's Perspective
Newspaper Headlines
Bad Word Slang
Bumper Stickers
Funny Quotes From Stupid People

September 05, 2004:
-joe is my hero
-:puts phone away: "hey, who was that?" "that was MILF, she wants us to come over and hang out"
-class the opposite of sleep

September 01, 2004:
-i just remembered there is going to be a sequel to resident evil... and i just found out it comes out on the 10th. im actually kind of excited
-song of the day: corey hart - i wear my sunglasses at night

August 29, 2004:
-song of the day: eddie murphy ft. rick james - party all the time
-newest pet peeve: assembling furniture
-life aint nothing but bitches and money
-secret, secret, i gotta secret! MR ROBOTO!
-new addiction: chinese food
i just want to wish you the best at your endeavors. i hope you have a great year of school, be safe, but party hard.
hope good luck and happiness is abundant for you. best wishes
-motorcycle coming soon.
-"a smile is the shortest distance between two people"

August 23, 2004:
-i had a dream that we ran into each other in a restaurant. i showed up with my friends, you were there with yours. i saw you, you saw me. we didnt speak. its gotta mean something when you dont even speak to each other in your dreams...
-i wanna be free
-LDs says: "im sick and tired of being sick and tired"
-when the sun goes down you're my only friend
-first day of school kegger, who thinks up this stuff?

August 22, 2004:
-an update every 20 days? wtf is that!
-classes start tomorrow, oh the excitement and titillation!
-school supplies: 2 bic pens, 4 packs of college ruled paper, and a parking sticker... i really miss colored pencils and elmers glue.
-LDs party-hard-last-weekend-before-school-starts wasnt all that special... maybe next year
-last day of summer and its raining and i have to go to work in 20 minutes.

August 02, 2004:
-car modification is a long, expensive, labor intensive process
-im sorry but im not sorry, this is what you deserve
-"i had a dream about you" "awesome" "you ran me over repeatedly with a big-wheel until i cried" "oh"
-"your new clock is like so badass!"
-could holding your own butt be considered keeping track of your ass-sets?
-every now and then its good to have a taste of something great

July 20, 2004:
-looks like im moving out  - heres some pictures of my room, white and clean

July 13, 2004:
-josh's pretzel bitch

July 05, 2004:
-well i have new pictures of my truck [yet again] here
-newest addiction[s]: philly blunts, pinstriped suits, and skinny dipping
-its been a rough couple weeks, my birthday rocked and its been rather downhill ever since
-coolest b-day gift: man thong [thanks meranda and jennifer!]
-311 - love song  [good song, dload it!]
-i called, you didnt answer. i emailed, you didnt reply. no reason to carry on. last straw.
-my sleep cycle is slowly invading my work cycle. college is great!
-"fabulous frenchtoast!"

June 27, 2004:
-tomorrow isnt my birthday

June 22, 2004:
-thats right, holy shit, i am still alive
-could it be, that my heaven is a place to hide
-"some things never change, but luckily some things do" -Matrix Revolutions
-BOBFOC = body off baywatch, face off crimewatch

June 08, 2004:
-quote de courtney:
  "it tasted like victory to me!"
  "when you leaving fo work hoe?"
  "my playgrounds wet, i cant go play"
  "i is"
  "my plans went kaput!"
  "disasters are fun though"
  "classes are for asses"
-:high five:
-sean: "work sucks"
  LD: "i know"
  seth: "i hate my job with a passion"
  LD: "i concur"

June 06, 2004:
-happy birthday seth, are we gonna hit up the strip joints or what?
-i have rediscovered the love i have for my truck
-sand is indeed a mysterious substance. but galveston was fun for the most part, good party jennifer, you rock!
-i was scheduled for 7 hours of work this week.... so until june 13, i am a house maid for hire. [will clean naked for tips]
-"we'll find you a girl LD... oh hell, we'll find you two!" -jennifer & meranda "two is better than one" -sean
-new fetish: water balloons
-new addiction: coca cola
-:ring ring: "this is LD whats your favorite color?" "...what?"
-a girl asked me for a cigarette, my friend gave her one, the girl then proceeded to look for a lighter in her pocket but instead pulled out her underwear... crazy kids

June 02, 2004:
-"your band sounds alot like awesome, with some obvious influence from fucking cool!" -LD describing derricks band
-new addiction: jet - cold hard bitch

May 30, 2004:
-its a sad, sad, sad, day. my cowboy hat is gone... gone forever!
-4 day party weekend is going strong, i on the other hand,am not. but im having fun, and thats what its all about
-my new kitty eats toes, better watch out
-happy fetus week joe, i love you
-courtney, courtney's mom, morgan, amy, and possibly others, i apologize for the late night call
-i may not know what i want... but it sure isnt hard to decide what i dont want. im not sure how that works...

May 26, 2004:
-i got a new cat, her name is silver.... she looks like a miniature siegfried and roy tiger
-thanks to courtney, i found a bad ass new p2p music program, its called Ares, go dload it
-when theres nothing left to buy, its only love that gets you by

May 25, 2004:
-seal - love's divine & seal - let me roll. seal is the shit!
-wake, shower, work, drive, change, party, eat, sleep, repeat.
-"im trying to find the atmosphere of this place.... but im just not getting it. its like rain forest cafe meets starbucks" -LD describing cafe express [or at least trying to explain it]
-i discovered that a friend from high school is now a stripper... would it be wrong to ask if she does birthday parties?

May 23, 2004:
-im tasteless but taste good
-"must i repeat myself... must i repeat myself?"
-plans for next week: party.
-tikki torches and tribal leaders.... our group is pretty damn exclusive
-word of the day: diabolical
-its nice to know someone with the same Express clothing addiction, you rock shaun
-dont say no, just say now

May 20, 2004:
-pimp cowboy hat in action  [volume three]

May 19, 2004:
-summer is awesome
-i've lost a lot of people in my time. believe me when i say, we're ready for anything
-where's courtney at?
-i got a new driveway, give me a call if you want to come over and play on it
-"are you done poking me yet?"
-[more] new artwork and wallpapers

May 06, 2004:
-im out of school, finally. how did i spend my first summertime afternoon?... working! how did i spend my evening? cleaning/detailing my truck for tomorrow's big events! yes! and lastly how did i spend my night? updating this site and photoshoppin' like a mofo! [new artwork is up, by the way]
-im finally going to get to see kill bill volume one tonight
-new obsession: flamin' hot cheetos [thanks joe]
-new pastime: getting the "breakfast at tiffany's" song stuck in joes head

May 05, 2004:
-im sorry amy and sarah, it is truly a tragic loss
-flaw - you've changed
-i want to be a rock star... or a pirate, whichever one comes first
-"i want a header and a footer for my car!" -ashlee [cars and microsoft word documents have nothing in common]
-english final... yuck!
-book refund time... long line, yuck! money! un-yuck!

May 04, 2004:
-new poetry, wallpapers, artwork, pictures, and thots? jeez im a busy guy! enjoy
-couldn't sleep, now i have a final and 8 hours of work with only 2 hours of rest under my belt! SCORE!
-LD asks: "who's hotter... me or my truck?"
-courtney: get excited!
  LD: i am!
  courtney: wait... why are you already excited? i haven't told you why yet!
-"so what are your plans for this weekend mr cowboy?" LD replies: "hopefully getting some fucking sleep"
-slipknot - duality
 i push my fingers into my eyes
 its the only thing that slowly stops the ache
 but its made of all the shit i have to take
 it just never ends, it just pushes its way inside
 if the pain goes on i'm not gonna make it

May 03, 2004:
-happy birthday ashlee!
-there's no such thing as an eight-some.... that's just called and orgy.
-finals week begins today... needless to say, im ready for it to be over already and its only monday morning
-my cowboy hat was nearly lost this weekend, luckily i recovered it before things got ugly
-i'll fix it all, i promise

May 01, 2004:
-happy birthday dad

April 29, 2004:
-campaign for pain!
-window tint and new mirrors on the truck.
-"your truck scares me" -morgan
-"your truck looks awesome!" -courtney
-i dont know how it happened, but i could have sworn today was the 28th... i seriously would have bet my life on it
-a week long party at a beach house in galveston in mid-late june.... who's in?
-"have you noticed the increased flow of hot girls through uscan?" LD replies "nah, they just show up when im working :wink:"
-meranda and sarah dropped by this afternoon, catching me in the middle of some hardcore car wash action... luckily no one was hurt.
-"what days arent you working this week?" LD replies "none"
-one of these days im going to see kill bill...

April 27, 2004:
-pimp cowboy hat in action  [volume two]
-last week of regular classes, score!
-thank you michelle for keeping your camera handy
-"seth, am i super fantastic and amazing?" -LD
   "you know what... you are super fantastic and amazing LD" -Seth
-nah, nah, na nah.

April 26, 2004:
-wish i was cool like courtney and seeing bill cosby this weekend
-"LD loves pictures"
-third-person-talking derrick got annoying. third person talking rubbed off on LD. die derrick, LD says
-"im going to austin and i dont know when im coming back" -LDs mom
-this week is modify your truck week, so far so good.
-LD's Lost & Found has grown so much i have decided to start posting everything on ebay if not picked up in 5 days.
-"there's too much vagina in this room" "there is no such thing as too much vagina"
-work, work, work, class, class, class, play, play, play, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleep.

April 23, 2004:
-L1BERAT3D: yeah i thought i was pretty cool when i bought my last bra too
-summer is only a week and a half away
-someone please come whisk me off to paradise
-"your funny" -michelle
-one conversation included the following: eating food off a woman's naked body, identifying a unicorn in a cloud formation, why sitting on a fire hydrant is uncomfortable, the environments water/evaperation/rain cycle, and smuggling drugs into the country. later i had a discussion on the benefits of prostitution and why i turned to it to make money last summer.
-im so lonely and you're so beautiful
-"i think there's some hanky-panky going on in there" LD replies: probably more like "yanky-yanky" since his girlfriend left 30 minutes ago captain oblivious.

April 21, 2004:
-let the clouds roll in and rain on my parade again
-im not some hug-whore kayla!
-pimp cowboy hat = drinking hat
-"LD, if your scared i'll go home with you... if you're scared of the sachinator.... he's no bear" -josh [talking about bigfoot/sasquatch]
-you deserve the best that i am, so i got to do the best that i can
-"you arent a loser" -morgan
-im a rhinestone cowboy
-i've discovered that being doped up on medicine 24/7 isnt so bad... but i think im forming an addiction...

April 20, 2004:
-"you have to work really hard to penetrate this bush" -derrick
-thanks michelle and jennifer for the ride of a lifetime!
-wont you believe its just my luck!
-no recess.
-dont worry courtney, we'll catch each other one of these days
-new artwork, wallpapers and poetry in their appropriate sections.
-woke up without a sore throat today! yay!
-after being asked "why are you smiling?" LD says: i just realized i am completely surrounded by women
-have i made my mark, will you remember me?
-only a little over 2 months until my birthday... what are you going to get me?

April 18, 2004:
-i want it back.
-i now own a pimp cowboy hat.
-dinner reservations made, ring in its little black box, waited, no show. moved reservations to the next night, ring in box still, waited, arrived late, broke up. thats life i suppose  "warflower" & "aim for the sky"
-yes, yes, still sick. one day i'll be healthy again, one day...

April 16, 2004:
-doctor: have you come in contact with any strange or unusual chemicals?
  LD: am i dieing!?
-no more chinese food on tuesdays

April 15, 2004:
-"still feeling sick LD?" :blahhhhhhhhh:
-i'll trade you, three packs of smokes for a twelve pack.... deal.
-"i orgasmed before your pants even came off"
-i lost my voice: comments/concerns/poking fun at me
     LD! whats wrong? why are you so quiet? is everything ok?
     i like it better, now i dont have to listen to your smart-ass comments
     so LD... tell me your life story
     sing us a song LD!
     well, since your ex is in town today at least dont have to worry about talking to her.
     aww, you poor little thing
     [on the phone] who the fuck is this and why do you have LD's phone?
-invisible kid, suspicious of your touch.

April 13, 2004:
-in a few words; we were spectacular.
-i have a cold... this sucks.
-everything, i
-last term paper due today. only 17 days left of classes [not that im counting or anything]

April 12, 2004:
-the time as come. fallen back down and back to reality.
-funniest purchase of the day: condoms, a magic toy, and handcuffs. i told the customers "have a nice night" and then winked
-two maximum strength flu pills before class was a bad idea. its a good thing i made it to school before the medicine kicked in cause i couldnt feel my hands or my legs most of the time i was there. [which made walking across campus to my second class very interesting].
-A**** A** H***: you're so suave
-to describe how much i hate my job, after getting a pay raise, and better hours, i still got an application to work at express.
-"god damn you smell good"
-points lost on english paper: approximately 400 [i did it wrong... all wrong].

April 11, 2004:
-FiReBiRD*****0: Well I hope you dont have a hangover or anything. Happy Easter.
-finished all of my papers [early, actually]. so i had plenty of time to party this weekend!
-my neighbors are out of town, so the friend that was house-sitting let us party at their house, neighborly love!
-friday night was messed up... even the cops showed up
-thank you morgan for the awesome easter gift! you rock!

April 06, 2004:
-happy birthday courtney!
-song-o-the-day-o: lollipop lust kill - cant get away
-no work today, woo hoo!
-LD says: [to a co-worker] "so... come here often?"
-"i love your hair, can i have some?"
-LDs Lost & Found now includes a fancy green towel!
-22 day until summer

April 05, 2004:
-keeping busy is a method to preoccupy the mind.
-there's a part of me that i refuse to express here, morgan.
-three papers due next week... perhaps i should start them sometime soon...
-im going to work today, i am going to go to work today, im going to go to work today...
-mudvayne - internal primates forever:
Cop provisions feed my addictions mistakes I made then
I opened up the holes and they crawled in,
Now when itís time for the feed they wonít let me forget,
They ride upon my back and theyíll fuck me with their need,
My invisible enemies all my monkeys
Their coming theyíre coming their coming theyíre coming to take me away.
Disgusted with my position so submissive I am the only way we get away is give in sharpen up the razors stab the needles into pipes to kill cravings so sick of this in me canít stand the want to
Canít get free always got a grip on me
Thereís no use to fight this wrenching tourniquet of deprivation obedience subservience leads to substance
Do you want more give it to me
Leave my motivation to chemical dependency no room for patience
Donít want it need it come on right now
Everything Iíve become now is everything I didnít want to be
Every time I try to run away I fall on my face they drag me back
Every time I try to run away I fall on my face
Help! they wonít leave me alone
If I would have known back then what I know now I íd take it back
If I would have known back then what I know now I íd take it back,
Iíd take it back Iíd take it all fuckiní back
Stay away stay away
Hold me Iím shaking violently
Pull me out of my covering
Mold me into a new man
Lull me into a deep sleep
Thereís no use to fight this wrenching tourniquet of deprivation obedience subservience leads to substance
Even if you want you canít stop
Internal primates forever

April 04, 2004:
-played pool just about all weekend but it was great! getting a pool table was my best investment yet!
-pete, the party was awesome! nicole and anton, nice to see you again, hope your art gets you far! ashlee, michelle, and casey, we need more talks on the bench! tom, you are the keg stand master!
-skipped work again, one of these days they are going to fire me, hopefully.
-i drove home while watching the sun rise, beautiful
-LDs Lost & Found now includes a camo baseball hat, a black collar shirt, an orange lighter and swimsuit bottoms.
-"i hurt myself again, because of not knowing why." flaw - recognize

March 29, 2004:
-i skipped class today to hang out at the library with a friend... does that make me a nerd or a rebel?
-value thyself.
-i got my text messaging problem fixed today. so be looking forward to receiving my random weird-ass text messages during class again! i know you're as excited as i am!
-Eyemasters© adventure!
     eyemaster: sir, how may i help you today?
     LD: well i was watching tv when my glasses suddenly exploded and the nose piece broke off.
     eyemaster: so really, you were dicking with them and you broke off the nose piece, huh?
     LD: yes ma'am.
     eyemaster: no problem, come have a seat and i'll get your spontaneously combusting eye wear fixed up in no time!
-test results - because boredom is a disease.
Steady, reliable, and cradling her tenderly. Take a deep breath, and let it out real are The Slow Dancer.
Your focus is love, not sex, and for your age, you have average experience. But you're a great, thoughtful guy, and your love life improves every year. There's also a powerful elimination process working in your favor: most Playboy types get stuck raising unwanted kids before you even begin settling down. The women left over will be hot and yours. Your ideal woman is someone intimate, intelligent, and very supportive.
While you're not exactly the life of the party, you do thrive in small groups of smart people. Your circle of friends is extra tight and it's HIGHLY likely they're just like you. You appreciate symmetry in relationships.

Like just 9% of the population you are a HEALER (SECF)-- caring, good with people, and patient. You are completely selfless and full of love. As a concrete feeler, you do well with your emotions, which are very strong. You understand and appreciate *why* you feel the way you do, and for the most part you're at peace with yourself.
Suffering in the world really pisses you off.
In relationships, it's easy for you to get hurt. Avoid all kinds of dominant (D***) people, *especially* in dating or marriage. You are a motherly figure, even if you're a guy. If you're a girl, make sure you're a mom some day. The world's children need people like you.
On the rare occasions when you try to assert yourself, you're cute and awkward, but highly effective.

You have achieved the Golden Mean! You are 35%  pickup-able! Regardless, you like to flirt, but not with ugly people. And when you lock eyes with the right person, you know how to turn the sparks into a towering inferno. But sometimes you won't give people the time of day, which is mean when they really just need to know what time it is. In general, make sure you smell good.

You are 82%  compatible! You're SO in! I mean, this is a match made in heaven. You're in there like swimwear. You've found your match and you better hold on tight, because it don't get no better than this. Congratufreakinlations! But don't blow it, though. Seriously. This is it. The big one. If you screw this up, there's a pretty good chance that you'll probably die homeless and penniless and no one will ever love you. But, hey, buddy, no pressure!

Damn, Rico! You are... 82%  dateable! Attractive and confident, witty and charming, a healthy ambrosia-based diet... you're wanted in the 48 contiguous states, you slayer. Call me. Seduce me. Make me a woman! Not only do you know how to turn a girl's engine on, but you also know how to oil, lube and rotate it. You put the "elation" back into "relationship," and the "night" back into "one-night stand."

33% slutty

March 25, 2004:
-heard a shocking speech about "america today" after class, job well done jen!
-"therapy, therapy, therapy." [helpful advice from a classmate]
-im going to try to finish building the new part of my deck today. soon the pool table and bar will be up and ready! party at my house all this summer! woo hoo!
-the frisbee session behind the students center today was nothing short of spectacular!
-Officer: "do you mind if we have a look inside your vehicle?"
   LD: "no officer, i dont mind. just please dont look under the passenger seat."
-curtis, im sorry to hear about your "lose." im in similar position too. no worries, we'll fix you right up this weekend!
-all thats keeping me from dallas now is a paper to write, a book to read, and several hours of driving!

March 24, 2004:
-LD's Lost And Found:
     -blue and tan thong sandals
     -black studded belt
     -a green lighter
     -a red and white lighter
     -a red playboy bunny sticker
     -one ticket stub to the kemah boardwalk
     -a black lace top
 if any of the above items are yours please return to LDs room to collect them.
-Rose [a friend of mine] put my picture up on i finally got her to tell me the password so i could delete it. this is how it turned out: to my surprise my final score was 8.8 and here are some interesting comments i received while my picture was on the site.
   "you look good in red. dont get me wrong... honestly you look hot."
   "That's ur new style? daaaaaaaam"
   "I like the band shrits and baggy pants better"
   "You look great, but now I have to dress up every time we go out together!"
   "LD? is that you?"
   "I didn't notice you, i like your Matrix poster though. Can I have it?"
   "8.3! You're a solid 11 baby!"
   "Morgan is a lucky girl, she snatched up an 8.8er... and that doesn't even calculate in your awesome personality"
   "I gave you a 1 because I hate you."
   "i give yuo a 6 because I hate you"
-the compliments are lies and the negatives are lenient im sure. back to reality and time for my head to stop its swelling. all in all it was an interesting experiment, thanks rose!

March 23, 2004:
-well it seems i have returned to Square 1 and honestly, im glad to be here.

March 22, 2004:
-a new beginning.